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Understanding Anxiety

Category ADHD
124 students enrolled
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The “Understanding Anxiety online course” is a comprehensive and enlightening program designed to provide individuals with a deep understanding of anxiety, its causes, symptoms, and effective coping strategies. This course offers an extensive curriculum that covers various types of anxiety disorders such as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), panic disorder, social anxiety disorder (SAD), and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

By exploring these different conditions in detail, participants gain valuable insights into the factors contributing to their own or others’ anxieties. The course also delves into the physiological aspects of anxiety, shedding light on how it affects our brain chemistry and overall well-being. Furthermore, the course emphasizes the importance of self-care practices and equips learners with practical techniques like breathing exercises, mindfulness, cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), as well as other tools to help manage anxious thoughts effectively.

Whether you’re seeking personal growth or pursuing a career in mental health care fields such as counseling or psychology; investing your time in this insightful program will undoubtedly equip you with invaluable knowledge about anxiety while empowering you to navigate life’s challenges more confidently.

Is this course accredited?
Yes, it is. This course carries international accreditation through a company in the UK called “The CPD Standards Office”. You may visit their site at www.cpdstandards.com or view our profile at https://directory.cpdstandards.com/providers/help-my-child/
If I am registered at an organisation that requires me to obtain a certain amount of CPD points per year, do you send in the results to the organisation, or do I?
You will have to send in your own results once we have sent your certificate stating the amount of CPD points you received.
Will I receive a certificate after completing the course?
Yes, you will. Once you have completed the course the system will prompt you to send an email. You will then receive your certificate in PDF format via email. The certificate will state the amount of CPD points earned as well.
Do I need a qualification to do the course?
No, you do not. Although our courses are accredited for CPD points for professionals, the courses are open to everybody that need to them.
Do I have to do a test during this course?
Yes, you do. There are online, multiple-choice questions after every module.
Who do I contact if I have questions?
You may send an email to courses@helpmychildcpd.com. You may also join our Facebook Group or like the Facebook page and ask your questions there.
How long do I have to finish this course?
There is no time limit, it is entirely up to you. We know life is busy and can be hectic, our aim is to help, not to make you feel as if you have another burden.
Are there webinars I have to attend during the course?
No, there aren’t. All the material for course is online and in text format. You go through it by yourself. All the material will be available for you to view, even after you have completed the course.